Clean Freak Subscription

Clean Freak Subscription

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  • Pet-friendly

The My Clean Hamper is designed to simplify your cleaning routine with a thoughtfully curated selection of 13 essential items. Each product is formulated to tackle different cleaning challenges around your home, ensuring a spotless and healthy living space. With high-quality, natural, and eco-friendly ingredients, you can clean with confidence knowing you’re protecting your home and the planet.

Inside each hamper, you'll find 500ml of:

Bathroom Spray Cleaner: For sparkling tiles, sinks, showers and clean grout.
Toilet Gel Cleaner: Leaves toilets fresh and hygienic.
Multipurpose Spray Cleaner: Perfect for surfaces throughout the house.
Mould Spray Cleaner: Keeps mould at bay safely and effectively.
Glass Spray Cleaner: Achieves streak-free windows and mirrors.
Floor Cleaner: Makes floors shine with naturally scented ingredients.
Dishwashing Liquid: Tough on grease but gentle on your skin.
Kitchen Spray Cleaner: Eliminates bacteria (99% effectiveness) while keeping surfaces safe.
Room Air Freshener (100 ml): Infuses rooms with refreshing herbal scents. Can also use on pets.
2x Premium Cloths: One microfibre and one for streak-free glass cleaning.
Scrub Mummy: A dual sided scrubbing sponge.
Disposable Gloves: Protects your hands while maintaining comfort.

These items have been meticulously selected to cover every need and provide exceptional results, from bathroom to kitchen and everywhere in between. Embrace the convenience of My Clean Hamper, where effective cleaning meets sustainable living for a pristine, health-conscious home.

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Struggling with cleaning your space?

Our consultancy service is here to help.  

Send us an email outlining your current cleaning challenges and what you aspire to achieve. Mirela, with her decades of expertise, will guide you to a bespoke cleaning strategy that enhances your routine and meets your specific needs.

Green Living Essentials


Our packaging is recyclable and made from recycled materials.

Quality Commitment

Unleash the power of cleanliness with products that are as gentle on your skin as they are effective on grime.

Cruelty Free

No animals are harmed in the making of our products.

Palm Oil Free

None of our products use palm oil or support the palm oil industry.

Pet Friendly

Rest assured, all our products are gentle and safe for your furry companions.

Paraben Free

There are no nasty chemicals in any of our products.

Vegan Friendly

Explore our range knowing that everything we offer is crafted without any animal products.